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Let Me Count the Ways

March 8, 2010

Are you, my devoted reader, familiar with Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning? I’m sure that right now some of you are racking your brain, traveling back to college or even high school years, in search of the answer. Some of you may have already given up and Googled it. For those of you who refuse to Google, let me at least lend you a helping hand:

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

Hopefully, the light bulb has  illuminated now. If it hasn’t, swallow some pride and Google. That’s what Google is there for after all. I will openly admit that I too knew the words but not who was responsible for their creation. So yes, I Googled it. Again, I will openly admit something to you. I use and depend on Google for A LOT of things.

Now, I’m sure you are sitting there trying to understand why I am referencing a 19th century sonnet in the social media section of my blog. Well, the past several times I’ve sat down to write this introductory post, I’ve struggled, found it borderline impossible, to pinpoint one singular reason why I’ve fallen for social media. That would be like trying to give one, just one, reason why you adore your significant other or love chocolate. Think you can do it? I dare you to try because the minute one reason escapes your lips there will already be several others bubbling to the surface. The truth is, your reasons for loving something or someone may change daily, or even hourly in some cases.

Today, I love social media because of the confidence, yes the confidence, it has given me, the connection I now have to the Charlotte community, the drive and desire it has instilled in me to learn something new everyday and, most importantly, the people it has introduced me to.

I use aspects of social media every day. But that is because I love it and have learned how to use it so that it benefits my life, both personally and professionally, every day.

That being said, I understand that social media may not be for everyone. However, to write it off completely seems close-minded and foolish to me. The “no one cares about what I had for lunch” Twitter argument is one I have heard a million times. Or how about the “I have no idea what to write about” statement from fearful blog beginners? Yes, it’s something new and that makes it unknown and a little scary. But let me pick on the non-Twitter users for a moment. What if someone tweeted “Just had the best peanut butter on my sandwich!”? That may seem like useless information to some but what about that one person out there who has desperately been searching for a better peanut butter. That person sees your tweet, inquires as to what peanut butter you used, purchases it and loves it. Boom! You’ve made an impact with “useless” information.

I know that perhaps I could have chosen a better example but I wanted to show that even the most simple statement can have an impact or spark a conversation. Another reason why I love social media. It offers you an unlimited source of information just waiting to be discovered, divulged and dispersed.

At the end of the day, social media is all about what you make of it. Do as little or as much as you want and do what suits your style, not that of someone else’s. Technically, there is  no right or wrong. Social media embraces the different, encourages the creative and dares the different to be even more different.

I leave you, my reader, with this. If you have a passion, which I’m sure that you do, could you give one single reason why it has become your passion?

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