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The Sound of Silence

January 10, 2011

When you’re young, the snow brings with it endless hours of play outside. No matter the cold and no matter the volume of white falling from the sky, you’re out there enjoying every minute. You’re building forts, crafting and creating animated men and women out of snow and hurtling balls of white at anyone within range. When you’re young, the snow brings with it joy, excitement and entertainment.

When you’re a little older, making your way through middle and high school, the snow brings with it the promise of escape and freedom. You lay awake in the early hours of the day hoping and waiting for the phone to ring. As soon as the sounds of freedom ring, you’re instantly transported back to your younger self. Eager to play. Eager to be entertained. Eager to take joy in the day that lies ahead.

When you’re older, the joy and wonder of snow is accompanied by inconvenience, annoyance and exasperation. While you still love the first moments of waking up and seeing the winter wonderland you’re soon annoyed at the conditions of the roads or inconvenienced by the loss of power and a rearranging of schedules. You’re exasperated with the lines at the grocery store.

Growing up, I lived in a few places where snow, even the mere thought of a single flake, was nonexistent.  I can’t remember when I saw snow for the first time but what I can remember is always loving it.

What I love more than anything is the quiet that comes right before the first flake falls. For a moment it seems as if the whole world is silent, waiting in anticipation.

Today, we are constantly bombarded, day in and day out, with news, videos, gossip, music, movies and phone calls. With all that going on, we can lose sight of how powerful quiet can be.

What I love is the consuming nature of quiet. Its ability to fill a space and make you focus. For a moment, your thoughts stop racing from one thing to the next. For a moment, it’s just you and the snow. Nothing else.

I love that. I love Snow Silence.


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