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Experiencing Passion

March 23, 2011

Passion. It ignites the fire within us. It pokes at us. It pushes us.

Passion. When it finds its way into our lives, dares us to move faster, think harder, reach higher and take on more than we ever thought we could. At times, it makes us feel superhuman, as if nothing could break us or tear us down. With passion in our pocket, we feel invincible.

Passion. One of the strongest and hardest desires that we, as human beings, can feel and express. One moment you know exactly how to define and harness your passion. The words cascade out of your mouth like a waterfall and everything is crystal clear. It’s effortless. You know where to turn, what to do and how to act. Then, before you know it, passion has taken over and the world is spinning. You don’t know where to turn, you don’t know where to focus your attention and words are trapped like flies in a spider’s web. For a moment, you feel completely lost.

Passion is funny that way.

As a young child, my father would ask, “Don’t you want to become the CEO of a company one day?” For the longest time I would avoid eye contact and answer, “No, I don’t.” Looking back, I realize now that my father, a passionate person himself, knew that I had yet to unearth my fire within. He knew what it meant to have a passion that poked and pushed. And looking back, I realize that he so desperately wanted the same for me.

Passion doesn’t happen overnight.

Fast forward several years and my answer to that question could not be more different. While I’m still learning how to harness, understand and manage, I have finally found that spark that makes me want to do more, learn more and experience more. I have found something that completes me at one moment, then turns my world upside down the next.

Have you found your passion?

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